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The Truterra Carbon program pays farmers $ 4 million for 200,000 metric tonnes of carbon stored in the first year; 2022 program now open

ARDEN HILLS, Minn., December 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Truterra, LLC, the sustainability company of Land O’Lakes, Inc., one of America’s largest farmer co-operatives, today announced its 2022 carbon program, in the following the keen interest of farmers and their participation in its first carbon program, launched in February 2021. Truterra’s 2021 offer made more than $ 4 million in upfront cash payments to participating farmers, who sequestered more than 200,000 metric tonnes of carbon. Designed to be the most farmer-friendly contract in the market that generates high-quality verified carbon assets, the Truterra 2021 carbon offering provided an average payout per participating farmer of $ 20,000, with some payments over $ 100,000.

The Truterra carbon program is rooted in the Land O’Lakes cooperative network, which affects about 50 percent of all harvested acres in the United States. In partnership with the Land O’Lakes Farmer Retail Owner Network, Truterra is focused on delivering the highest quality field data, supporting science-based measurement and verification, and advancing transparency at at the forefront of the industry. The Truterra Carbon Program is founded on working through the agricultural retailer network of trusted agronomic advisers to connect farmers to carbon market opportunities. The result is both better agronomic knowledge to help farmers continuously improve their operations and increased credibility of carbon products for buyers. Truterra believes that this shared value is the key to the success and long-term stability of a voluntary carbon market.

“It is essential for us to co-invest with our agricultural retail partners and farmers to support regeneration systems that will help farms become more resilient and get the most out of every acre,” said Jason weller, President, Truterra. “We have seen a lot of interest from farmers. They see the Truterra carbon program not only as a new source of income for their operations, but also as an incentive to continue to innovate and adopt new practices that help mitigate the damaging and costly impacts of climate change on both their families. operations and the food supply of our country. “

In 2022, Truterra will offer two distinct approaches to encourage climate smart practices and carbon storage in agricultural soils. The first is its carbon 2022 program, which is structured similarly to the Truterra 2021 carbon program and focuses on generating carbon assets in partnership with farmers who have recently adopted soil health management practices that store soil. extra carbon in their soils. The second approach is designed as a ramp for farmers who are just starting to use climate smart practices and who are exploring options and seeking support to adopt soil health systems.

Farmers participating in the 2022 carbon program may be eligible for a one-time upfront payment of $ 20 per tonne of carbon based on recently adopted changes in soil health practices, including a significant reduction in tillage and the addition of cover crops. Eligible cropping systems include corn, soybeans, wheat, or cotton as part of farmers’ crop rotations.

New in 2022, Truterra is also launching a forward looking approach for farmers implementing climate smart practices for the first time and wishing to potentially participate in carbon markets in the future. Truterra’s Carbon Market Access Program will engage and support farmers throughout the process of implementing new practices. Participating farmers may be eligible to receive one-time payments of up to $ 2 per acre to enroll in the Carbon Market Access Program. Truterra will develop and test a suite of support services designed to streamline and facilitate access to funding for conservation practices, agronomic assistance and data management.

Under this approach, farmers will retain ownership and options with their carbon rights over the current and future years and are not required to make long-term commitments to sustaining changes in practices. they are not suitable for their operations. The program aims to help farmers make the best decisions and support their adoption of soil health systems on their crop fields while preparing their operations to potentially participate in carbon markets in the future. It is important to note that at the end of the 2022 crop year, farmers may be eligible to receive an offer from Truterra for future carbon sequestration purchase offers in 2023 and beyond.

“I know conservation practices are good for the soils and the productivity of our families. We were interested in exploring what income might be available to support practices such as cover cropping, strip tillage and no-till on our farm, ”said Lukas Fricke, whose sixth-generation family farm participated in Truterra’s 2021 carbon offer. “Seeing real dollars come back for the positive impact we are having was so exciting. Support from Truterra and our agricultural retailer Central Valley Ag to handle all data collection and soil testing was essential so that we could stay focused on farming. “

Truterra has made farmer experience a top priority, on the premise that sustainable, high-quality carbon credits and the widespread adoption of climate-smart practices on agricultural hectares depend, in part, on a streamlined and transparent farmer experience. There are no administrative fees, such as soil testing and verification fees, for farmers to participate in Truterra’s carbon program.

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