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Tadano: Introducing the New 16 Metric Ton Capacity All Terrain Crane “GR-160N” for the Japanese Domestic Market

February 7, 2022

Pursue respect for the environment and performance at work, with reinforced commitments in terms of DX, a growing need

Tadano Ltd. (Headquarters: Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture; Chairman: Toshiaki Ujiie) will launch the new all-terrain crane “GR-160N CREVO160 G5” with a maximum lifting capacity of 16 metric tons for the Japanese domestic market on February 7. 2022 (Monday).

【Product detail page】 (Japanese)

* All terrain crane
The all-terrain crane is a self-propelled crane that can move and be operated from a single driver’s seat. It is one of the most popular cranes in urban construction projects due to its excellent mobility in narrow spaces, compactness and small turning radius.
CREVO is a word coined from CRANE and EVOLUTION. This is the fifth generation of the CREVO series since its development in 1995. The CREVO160 G5 follows the CREVO250 G5 released in September last year and is the second entry in the G5 series.

Development concept

This model retains the compact body size of the previous model, while extending the maximum boom length from 50cm to 28.0m. New functions during crane operation have reduced CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, and a diesel engine that meets EU Stage V emission standards has been adopted. In addition, visibility during travel and operations has been improved, providing comfortable and safe operations.
As the digital shift in the construction and building industry progresses, Tadano is also striving to strengthen its digital data and digital services to provide a “lifting solution” that goes beyond “lifting equipment”. “.


– Maintaining a compact body while improving the efficiency of high lift work
This model retains the same dimensions and vehicle weight as the previous model while extending the maximum boom length from 50cm to 28.0m. In combination with the 6.9m electric tilt boom, this helps to improve the efficiency of high lift work.

– Environmental considerations and improving operational efficiency
New features, which aim to improve operational efficiency and take the environment into account, include “automatic acceleration”*1 which controls the speed of the engine according to the amount of operation of the crane lever and the “automatic pump stop”*2 which stops the PTO pump when the crane is not in use to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. At the same time, a new generation diesel engine that meets EU V Stage emissions standards was adopted.
*1: The engine speed is controlled automatically and is related to the operating amount of the lever/pedal when the crane is operated. This makes it possible to adjust the working speed of the crane using only the lever, without operating the accelerator pedal. In addition, since the engine speed is increased more efficiently than by constantly pressing the accelerator pedal, fuel consumption and engine noise are also reduced.
*2: When the automatic pump stop switch is activated and the crane is not used for a certain period of time, the PTO pump is automatically deactivated, which reduces fuel consumption.

– Tadano View System with better visibility
Improvements have been made to the Tadano View system that supports safe driving and operation. A new left rear view camera, a turntable rear view camera and a left rear turntable view camera have been added, for a total of five cameras as standard equipment. Up to three patterns for camera selections on the large screen can be registered, allowing the security in the surrounding area to be checked.
The “Human Alert System” which detects and warns the driver when people are present has also been improved for a better detection rate, improving visibility and safety while driving.


– Efficient operation space
Crane operation information and various operation setting functions are concentrated on a large 12.1-inch color touch screen. The LCD panel uses materials that prevent scatter reflection and condensation, and are impact resistant. Since the touch screen is a type of electrostatic capacitance, it can be used in a way that resembles a smartphone.
Improvements to the electric operating system also produce operability with a whole new feel of perfect fit. In addition to the previous speed settings, Feeling Operation allows precise control settings that match the perception of the operator. A more advanced sensitivity setting has also been adopted.


– Configuration of the radio controller (optional)
The “configuration radio controller” has been completely renovated to allow safe and efficient work preparation and machine removal while checking the surrounding conditions. A large 2.7 inch reflection-type color screen ensures high visibility even outdoors on a sunny day. The handheld radio controller can be used to extend and retract stabilizer beams and jacks, stow booms (hooking), and raise and stow booms.
* The operations that can be carried out by the configuration radio control are only the preparation of the work and the work of the removal of the machine. The radio controller cannot be used for crane operation.


– Provision of digital data and digital services
Tadano also focuses on providing digital data and digital services which include “Lift API”, “BIM Models”, telematic web information service “Hello-Net” and smartphone application “Hello-Data Link”, aiming to provide support for safe, high quality and efficient lifting work.


Product name: GR-160N[CREVO160 G5]
Model name: GR-160N-5

Main specifications

Crane model


Crane capacity

16 metric tons × 3.0 m (boom)

3.2 metric tons (single top)

Max. lifting height





Max. working radius





boom length


Boom length

4.5m, 6.9m

Carrier model


Engine model


Motor Max. To go out

For travelling: 179 kW{243PS}/2,200 min-1{rpm}

Running: 149kW{202PS}/1500min-1{rpm}

Motor Max. Couple

949 N m {96.8 kgf m}/1,500 min-1{rpm}

Total length


Overall width


Total height




Introducing Tadano Ltd.

Tadano Ltd. developed the first hydraulic truck-mounted crane in Japan in 1955 and dominated the industry as the leading construction crane company. We always strive to develop products that meet the needs of the times and aim to become the world number one in the field of LE (Lifting Equipment). With the acquisition of Faun GmbH in 1990 and the Demag branded crane business in 2019, we are committed to further globalization.
By developing products and conducting business activities that contribute to the development of local and international communities and help preserve the global environment, we aim to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders and to become a company that pursues “More excellence for the world and the future”. .

[Corporate profile]
Company name: Tadano Ltd.
Headquarters: Ko-34 Shinden-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa, 761-0185, Japan
Representative: President and CEO Toshiaki Ujiie
Created: August 24, 1948
Business areas: production and sale of products, including construction cranes, truck loading cranes and aerial work platforms

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