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Rotageek: Why ROI is the Ultimate Metric When Choosing Scheduling Software


So you are looking for a new rotation software solution. How will you decide which of the many options is best for your business?

This is an important question. Especially if you plan to spend money on your new solution. (Some small businesses save money by using printed sheets or a spreadsheet app to set their rotations and schedules. We’ve already explained in this blog why this doesn’t work on a larger scale.)

What you need is a way to not only compare different vendors, but also see what each solution can do for your bottom line.

In other words, what rotation software is going to give you real, measurable value?

Typically, rotation software vendors will try to persuade you to buy from them by combining the following elements:

  • Simplified shift planning – time saving
  • Better management of absences – saving money
  • Better tools – increased productivity

What if all this was just a marketing puff?

Even though a rotation software solution can save you time and money, how do you know it will be worth the time and cost it takes to adopt or switch to it?

We asked a lot of questions about the value of rotation software. Time for a few answers.

The need for clarity

As you may have already seen, at Rotageek we share real numbers on how we’ve helped other businesses and what we hope to deliver to you. Typically, we help our customers save up to 8% on labor expenses and increase sales by improving the match between labor and demand.

But even before you’ve had a conversation with us, you can get a quick and easy calculation of the return on investment (ROI) you can expect from our rotation software.

We believe that having a good ROI forecast is essential when choosing rotation software. It helps you see clearly:

  • if the solution is right for your business
  • if it’s worth it
  • how it compares to other rotation software vendors’ ROI calculations

That is, assuming the companies on your shortlist are willing and able to discuss ROI. Not all are open with their numbers. Without that clarity, choosing them could be a bit of a gamble.

Calculating your ROI

By now you must be at least a little curious about your Rotageek ROI numbers – and whether our calculator is really quick and easy.

Well, for a typical business owner familiar with company finances, it usually only takes a few seconds.

You’ll be asked for six simple numbers: how many branches you have, your total number of employees, average sales volume, average hourly rate, hours spent per week planning, and average labor budget per week. branch.

When you press this red button, you will instantly see your ROI calculation. The estimates you will get include:

  • Increased annual revenue by correcting labor misalignment (£)
  • Time savings and reduced flights (£)
  • Total realigned hours per year (hours)

With these numbers, you can instantly see how Rotageek can support itself and add value to your business.

There’s no better way to see if our rotation software is right for you. And that’s why we believe ROI is the best metric when choosing scheduling software – we hope you try it!

Try Rotageek’s ROI Calculator

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