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Pakistan likely to import 0.1 million metric tonnes of urea from China

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan will likely import 0.1 million metric tonnes of urea from China to fill the country’s deficit.

Officials from the Ministry of Industry and Production said the government recently decided to import 0.1 million metric tonnes of urea from China. The government decided in October to import 0.1 million tonnes of urea. Later, the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) granted an exemption from the rules of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) for importing urea. Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) had issued a tender on October 22, 2021, which was opened on November 22, 2021, but no offers were received. However, the federal government has now decided to import 100,000 tonnes of urea from China.

“The government is finalizing the import of urea which will reach Karachi by mid-December to maintain urea buffer stocks,” said another official from the Ministry of Industries and Production. He added that there was a large amount of urea available for the Rabi season, as the government forecasted an additional production of 2.25,000 tonnes over last year by extending the operations of factories in the North and FFBL until February. In addition to these measures, the government imports urea to maintain urea buffer stocks.

Despite sufficient stocks, urea sells for high prices in different parts of the country compared to official prices.

On the other hand, despite sufficient stocks, urea sells at high prices in different parts of the country compared to the official prices. Urea sells for between Rs 2,100-2,500 per bag in the market while the factory rate is around Rs 1,750. Meanwhile, DAP fertilizer is available above Rs 9,000 at Rs 9,500 per bag while the factory rate is around Rs 8,250. However, the Ministry of Industries and Production claimed last week that urea prices had been restored to controlled rates, ie Rs1768 / bag taking punitive action in Punjab. The price structure is maintained in the other provinces.

According to Federal Minister of Industry and Production Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar, demand for urea would be met by domestic production. He said the government has ensured uninterrupted gas supply to factories to boost domestic production for the Rabi season.

The fertilizer industry had already launched a massive awareness campaign among farmers on the prescribed prices of urea fertilizer and asked them not to pay higher prices, in addition to reporting profiteers and farmers. urea grabbers to government authorities. An official from the Pakistan Fertilizer Manufacturers Advisory Council (FMPAC) recently said the industry supports government action to manage hoarding and the resulting profits on urea. The industry has extended its full support to the government to identify any hoarding and overloading activity. Shipping information is provided daily to government authorities who now oversee sales.