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Metric on ‘Act Of Faith’ which preceded the new album ‘Formentera’ | Q104.3

Almost 20 years after the start of their career, the Canadian rock group Metric decided it was time to make their own album in their own way clean studio.

Guitarist Jim Shaw and singer Emily Haines say Q104.3 in New York out of the box with Jonathan Clarke that the group has been increasingly drawn to rural territory north of Toronto in recent years. Not long ago they found an old converted church for sale and they decided to take a big step forward.

“We decided to move the studio out of town to this church, and it was kind of like a dream space for us. It was pretty amazing,” Shaw said.

Building a functional modern studio takes a lot of time, money and engineering know-how. Doing it during a pandemic was an even bigger leap.

Haines added that, despite her reservations, she has learned to trust her peers’ instincts over the years.

“Part of being a team, it’s true, is that we all have different strengths,” Haines said. “What I’m bringing to the table is definitely not wiring related…I was so nervous because it was a big move, it was a big purchase, it was a big purchase. And Jimmy said :” It’s going to work. look amazing.’ … Then when we were getting drum sounds, we were getting results as good as we got at Electric Lady and other studios we’ve worked at and love.

The result of these recording sessions in the new space is Metric’s eighth studio album, Formenterawhich will be released on July 8. Watch the entire conversation via the player above!

Metric is currently on tour, with dates announced through October. Get all tour dates here!

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