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Key metric is key to determining which Netflix shows get cancelled, renewed – The Streamable

Have you ever fallen in love with a show on Netflix, binged the entire first season in one day, only to find out the following week that the show has already been cancelled? If so, you are not alone. Netflix is ​​apparently too quick to cancel shows, even if they seem to have critical acclaim or large audiences.

A new report from analytics firm Digital I, highlighted by What’s On Netflix might shed some light on why. According to reports from What’s on Netflix, the report cites data regarding day one biggest hits, binge release vs. weekly release, and more.

The information was compiled from 10,000 Netflix user accounts in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands. Down. This shows that if subscribers want a new season of their favorite shows, they better watch the current season till the end.

Shows that don’t achieve a completion rate of 50% or more are very likely to be canceled, according to Digital i. This explains the fate of “First Kill”, a teenage supernatural thriller created by novelist VE Schwab. Only 43.11% of viewers who started the series ended up watching all eight episodes, with more viewers dwindling as the season progressed.

Viewership loss was likely a big factor in the decision to remove “First Kill,” although the streamer never gave an official reason for the cancellation. The data clearly shows that shows like “Heartstopper” — which saw a 73% completion rate — are much more likely to see another season. It also helps explain why “Resident Evil” was canceled so quickly, despite its huge success with the video game franchise of the same name.

One of Netflix’s most popular shows from 2021 “Squid Game” saw an 87% completion rate, meaning Netflix analytics backed up the word-of-mouth buzz that surrounded the show. show, and it all but guaranteed a second season and led to a “Squid Game”-inspired reality series.

Obviously, the number of viewers who finish watching a show is not the only metric that determines whether a series is renewed or canceled by Netflix. But this is clearly increasingly important information that is given a lot of weight in this determination. So if you’re a little worried about whether or not your favorite show is coming back for another season, make sure you and your friends watch until the end as soon as possible.