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Johnvents Industries processes 5,000 metric tons of cocoa in six months

Just six months after launching its multimillion-dollar factory in Ondo State, Johnvents Industries Limited, Nigeria’s leading indigenous cocoa processing company, claims to have processed around 5,000 metric tons of cocoa for l export, with the aim of increasing Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings.

“One of our goals at launch was to contribute to our quota to help realize Nigeria’s estimated cocoa export potential of $4-5 billion. We are proud to say that in six months, we are on track to achieve this goal. Our production capacity utilization has increased from 20% in December 2021 to 66% in May 2022,” said John Alamu, Managing Director of Johnvents Industries, during a session with stakeholders on the company’s milestone achievements. company since its launch last December.

According to him, cocoa cake and cocoa butter are the two main derivatives of the processing activity of Johnvents Industries. He disclosed that the company operates one of the largest cocoa processing factories in Nigeria and has invested over N3 billion to revamp and revive operations.

“At the start, we envision massive job creation for our local talent and we are already on that path. We have hired over 200 people working in the cocoa processing plant, some of whom are top talent in the industry with world-class experience,” Alamu said.

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Caroline Omotosho, Director, Business, Sales and Operations, Johnvents Industries, while commenting on the company’s integration program, revealed that Johnvents is eager to impact the global ecosystem with lasting value for the chain. of local value in a short period of time.

“As we have been able to achieve impressive growth in our production in a short period of time, we are delighted with the boldness of our forward and backward integration plan and what this means for the industry. We have introduces our retail product, Johnvents Pure Cocoa Powder, to the local market. Cocoa is one of nature’s greatest gifts to mankind, rich in health and nutritional benefits. We believe that it is not enough to export cocoa cake and cocoa butter, we also want Nigerians to incorporate healthy meals into their diets and reap the benefits of cocoa,” Omotosho said.

According to her, the cocoa processing company is well aligned with the global realities of traceability and responsible sourcing, which have informed its plans for upstream integration at the edge of sustainability.

“Although the product is available in 200g and 100g respectively, we also have it in 5g sachets to enable the majority of the population to access and feed themselves with pure cocoa. As an organization, we have always adhered to the highest standards to ensure sustainable agriculture,” Omotosho said.

According to her, in February 2022, Johnvents Industries limited launched its 15,000 metric ton automated cocoa processing plant in Akure and announced its first $1 million export.