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Hear Grandaddy’s cover on Metric and EMA’s cover on Modest Mouse in new compilation “Under the Radar”

Under the Radar Magazine, which is still a print publication, turns 20 this month and to celebrate the release of its debut album, Blanket Cover, which features a group of their favorite artists covering songs from artists who have graced the magazine cover. The album presents Alex lahey covering St. Vincent, Cassandra Jenkins covering Animal collective, Girl Ray covering Chaim, Cults covering Phoenix, Language nation covering Broken social scene, BSS ‘ Kevin drew covering Stars, Sondre Lerche covering Mitski and more. You can consult the entire Blanket Cover list of songs below.

You can now listen to two of the tracks from the album: grandfather offering a soft acoustic / synth version of Metric‘s “Blindness”, and EMA offering a cool piano interpretation of Modest mouse‘s “The Trailer Bin”. Listen to both below.

Speaking of Blindness, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy says, “I’m a huge fan of Metric. I once drove from Bozeman to Salt Lake City (9 hour drive) to see them play live. says a lot. I chose “Blindness” because it is one of my favorite songs since I first heard it in 2009. original sounds and “feelings”, but also making them mine a bit, and have a little fun. “

Regarding EMA’s version of “Trailer Trash,” she writes, “This song reminds me of someone I was in love with. We were teenage robot buddies. We drove on gravel roads, we stopped in abandoned barns and country graveyards. We weren’t physical except one time when I started crying I gave them a kiss and then I ran out of the car. Very dramatic. People. used to say that we were going to end up married and live like the “trash from the trailer” couple in that song. That didn’t happen.

Blanket Cover will be released on March 4, 2022 via American Laundromat and $ 1 from each album sale will go to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Under the Radar 20th anniversary print issue to be released in January

Covers of Covers tracklist:
01 Grandaddy – “Blindness” (Metric coverage)
02 Piroshka – “The Crystal Lake” (grandfather cover)
03 Peter Bjorn & John – “Songs Of Love” (The Divine Comedy Cover)
04 Cults – “Bourgeois” (Phoenix Cover)
05 Nation Of Language – “Stars And Sons” (Broken Social Scene Coverage)
06 Kevin Drew – “Loose Ends Will Tie In Knots” (Star Cover)
07 Hatchie – “FUBT” (Haim Cover)
08 Sondre Lerche – “Townie” (Mitski Cover)
09 C Duncan – “Acrobat” (Angel Olsen cover)
10 Cassandra Jenkins – “C’est toi” (Collective Animal Coverage)
11 NZCA lines – “Debra” (Beck Cover)
12 Oceanator – “The Biggest Lie” (Elliott Smith cover)
13 Black Belt Eagle Scout – “Calculation Theme” (metric coverage)
14 Strand Of Oaks – “81” (cover by Joanna Newsom)
15 Ora The Molecule – “The fox in the snow” (Cover of Belle and Sebastian)
16 Girl Ray – “Another Try” (Haim cover)
17 James Yorkston – “Smoke Signals” (cover by Phoebe Bridgers)
18 EMA – “Trailer Trash” (Modest Mouse Cover)
19 Alex Lahey – “New York” (St. Vincent cover)
20 The Water of Your Eyes – “It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel good)” (REM Cover)

Covers Of Covers was released 3/4 via American Laundromat.