Metric sales

EMA covers the modest mouse, Grandaddy takes the metric for the new covers mockup

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, the music store Under the radar publishes a compilation entitled Blankets Covers. It features some of their favorite artists covering songs from musicians who have made the cover of their magazine over the years. It includes covers of songs from Phoenix, Broken Social Scene, Stars, HAIM, Mitski, Angel Olsen, Animal Collective, Beck, Elliott Smith, Joanna Newsom, Belle & Sebastian and many more.

With the purchases of these new recordings, one dollar from every album sale goes towards Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, a non-profit organization that provides “financial assistance to all types of career musicians and music industry workers who are struggling to make ends meet while facing physical health issues. or mental, disability or age-related problems ”. Today, EMA shared his cover of Modest Mouse’s “Trailer Trash”, and grandfather shared their version of “Blindness” from Metric.

“I’m a huge fan of Metric,” said Jason Lytle of Grandaddy. “I once drove from Bozeman to Salt Lake City (9 hour drive) to see them play live. I don’t even like going to shows. That says a lot. I chose “Blindness” because it’s one of my favorite songs since I first heard it in 2009. I recorded and mixed everything in my garage, and I enjoyed following this line trying to emulate some of the original sounds and ‘feels’, but also making it mine a bit, and have a bit of fun. “

EMA shared her cover, “This song reminds me of someone I was in love with. We were teenage robo-buddies. We drove on gravel roads, stopping at abandoned barns and country cemeteries. We didn’t. weren’t physical, except one time when I started crying I gave them a kiss and then I ran out of the car. Very dramatic. People used to say that we were going to get married and live. like the couple of “trailer bins” in that song. That didn’t happen.

Listen to the two interpretations below.