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DVIDS – News – New tool for analysts, linking stocks via metric driver trees

The Defense Logistics Agency hosted Air Force-DLA Day May 24 at Fort Belvoir, Va., During which the Commander of DLA Aviation Air Force Brig. General David Sanford presented DLA Aviation’s retail metric suite and automated performance dashboards that provide targeted analytics in support of three Air Logistics Complexes and three Fleet Readiness Centers.

RMS, part of the software package called Center of Parts Activity, or COPA, helps build trust by understanding client priorities, which is a goal of the agency’s strategic plan. DLA strives to be a trusted partner by implementing customer-centric performance metrics and creating a collaborative, data-informed, and predictive problem-solving culture.

Adam Hardee, the Industrial Analysis Support Branch Leader of DLA Aviation’s Business Process Support Directorate, traveled with Sanford and led the demonstration.

Hardee said they share RMS in all of DLA Aviation’s industrial support activities through socialization meetings and working group discussions. Its analytics team also conducts virtual screen sharing sessions with process area experts to demonstrate this tool and other tools and dashboards within COPA.

DLA Aviation released the RMS last month, introducing the concept of metric pilot trees which consist of key customer-identified metrics and describe actions affecting the employee’s sight metric at the office or at ground level. up to the level of the general officer.

“Automated performance dashboards give executives near real-time access to outages and supply issues, increasing DLA’s response to the most critical needs of our service partners,” said Hardee.
Hardee said that using COPA analytical dashboards, the Ogden Air Logistics Complex at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, identified weapons system repair shops that were exhibiting a rate high response time failure. DLA Aviation employees were able to work with Air Force employees to correct command behaviors and assess planned workload to ensure demand was captured accurately. Using the tools, this analysis took place weeks earlier than it would have been possible without them. In March, the tools also highlighted a high rate of ORT failures with inventory on the shelf thanks to the automated root cause analysis feature in the ORT dashboard. Using the tools enabled customer support specialists to remove over 5,000 manager review codes that were preventing material from automatically posting to ALCs.
Ogden finished May with his highest ORT since August 2020 – almost two percentage points above the target.

ORT is a metric in the industrial metrics driver tree and provides different levels of DLA management with a clear picture of the critical sublevel metrics that must be met to achieve a performance goal. In the case of ORT, the goal is to complete an Air Force parts request with a 90% success rate within two days of order generation.

The Industrial Metric Pilot Tree is one of many metric pilot trees that DLA Aviation develops that are fully adaptable to changes based on customer needs or processes. Pilot trees align metrics with actionable reports and assign responsibility to each level within the agency.

For example, level 4 reviews and action reports allow frontline supervisors and office workers to have a tangible effect on high-level agency performance goals. These reports specifically targeted business actions under the control of a specific process area.

For example, using the Level 4 Action Report focused on Systemic Inventory Imbalances, sustainment specialists from DLA Aviation at Warner Robins on Robins Air Force Base, Ga., Can work to correct the discrepancies. inventory that removes supply blocks examined at level 3. Removing supply blocks allows materiel to be quickly distributed to the Air Force, allowing the DLA to reach ORT objectives at level 2. Finally, when the objectives of the ORT are met, the DLA can comply with the measures described in our performance-based agreements with the Air Force at level 1.

Hardee said he hopes to increase the value of COPA tools for DLA and its customers. His team will continue to work with our service partners to ensure that metric driver trees are in sync with their readiness needs.

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