Metric sales

Company processes 5,000 metric tons of cocoa to generate foreign exchange

To boost Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings across the country, Johnvents Industries Limited processed around 5,000 metric tons of cocoa for export, six months after its unveiling in Ondo State.

Managing Director John Alamu, who spoke at a stakeholder meeting over the weekend, said: “Cocoa cake and cocoa butter are the two main by-products of the cocoa processing business. cocoa at Johnvents Industries.

Alamu explained that the products are for export to Europe, the United States and parts of southern Africa, and more than three billion naira to revamp and restart operations.

According to him, “we promised at the launch to help realize Nigeria’s cocoa export potential, estimated at $4-5 billion.”

However, he said the company’s capacity utilization had increased from 20% in December 2021 to 66% in May 2022.

Continuing on the feats of agribusiness, Alamu added that “At the start, we envisioned massive job creation for indigenous talent and hired over 200 people working at the cocoa processing plant, including part are the best talents in the industry with a world class. live.”

Commenting on the new development onboarding program, Corporate Affairs, Sales and Operations Manager Caroline Omotosho revealed that Johnvents is committed to impacting the global ecosystem with lasting value for the local value chain in a short period of time.

She said: “As we have been able to achieve impressive product growth in a short period of time, we are excited about the boldness of our forward and backward integration plan and what this means for the industry. .”

Meanwhile, the company has embarked on empowering 150,000 farmers through its cocoa sustainability program in Ondo State.

The Managing Director, Mr. John Alamu revealed this during the commissioning of the 150,000 farmers project in Akure on Thursday.

Alamu said the project aims to transform the country’s agricultural sector, particularly the cocoa value chain, and create sustainability in the sector.

According to him, “through sustainable agriculture, farmers can produce better crops, fight and adapt to climate change, increase their productivity and improve their lives.

“In line with the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard (RA) 2020, we are honored to launch our cocoa sustainability program, which reflects the Rainforest Alliance’s thematic goals of improving farmer livelihoods.

He added that the will was also to “protect the rights of agricultural workers and their families, avoiding the destruction of nature and biodiversity and mitigating the consequences of climate change.

“This project aims to empower 150,000 farmers covering approximately 300,000 hectares of agricultural land in the rehabilitation, regeneration and replanting of cocoa trees over the next five to 10 years.”