Metric sales

Chhattisgarh: 88,000 metric tonnes of paddy purchased from state farmers

Raipur, December 1: According to the online purchase entry information from the first day of purchase until 8pm today, 88,000 metric tons of paddy have been purchased from thirty thousand eighty-five farmers. There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm among the farmers who sell paddy.

According to the Food Department, paddy is bought without problem at all supply centers. Guidelines issued for protection against coronavirus infection were followed. Food Department officials said the number of registered farmers in the state is 24 lakh 9,000,453.

At the same time, the total area reached 29 lakh 84,000,920 hectares, while in the last year 2020-21, the number of registered farmers was 21 lakh 52,000,990 and the area was 27 lakh 92,000,827 hectares. Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel inaugurates the “Chiraag project” at the Krishi Madai program in Bastar.

Officials said the supply centers have been increased keeping in mind that farmers can easily sell paddy to the nearest paddy supply center. This year paddy is purchased through a total of 2459 paddy buying centers in the state.

The state government allowed the sale of paddy in its own jute bags from the first day of paddy purchase for a smooth supply of paddy from farmers. Paddy is also purchased from farmers using old jute sacks.

For this, the rate set by the state government at Rs 18 per sack has been increased to Rs 25 per jute sack. Farmers will get additional benefits with an increase in the price of old jute bags. For this reason, there is happiness among the farmers. The farmers expressed their gratitude to the state government for this. Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel transfers 2.46 lakh to Rajnandgaon Chit Fund investors who have been victims of fraud.

Food Department officials said farmers were enthusiastically selling paddy at their nearest supply centers. Farmers are also satisfied with the paddy supply system. The farmer at Paddy Procurement Center Umapur in Surajpur district expressed her joy at the immediate sale of her produce after the token was cut. Likewise, Shri Amarnath Singh, Kisan Ram and other farmers expressed satisfaction with the convenience of opening a new paddy supply center in Bardar and described the system as satisfactory.