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714% in one day: The BBBY stock measure to watch

There are many metrics stock investors like to monitor when deciding whether to buy or sell.

The online tool Stonk-o-tracker, for example, monitors things like how many shares of a company are available to short sellers, reverse buyout deals and, of course, the stock price. stock.

Bed Bath and Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY) has just been added to the Stonk-o-tracker, which was already monitoring meme stocks OG Gamestop (NYSE:GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE:AMC).

However, there is a much simpler metric that gives us a good idea of ​​where an action may be headed.

This metric is also publicly available to everyone.

It’s on Google Trends.

research data

For those who don’t know, Google Trends offers a free tool where you can check how many Google searches are done globally (or even more locally) for a given topic.

Analysis of the search term “BBBY stock” shows that the number of searches worldwide increased by 714% on Monday August 8th. Take a look at the graph:

Google Trends data for the search term “BBBY stock”

You’ll see the number of searches peak August 7-8, as Bed Bath and Beyond began to become Reddit’s latest investor target.

Here you can see a correlation between this spike in Google searches and the BBBY stock price:

BBBY Stock

BBBY stock has risen 161% in a month, leaving institutional investors somewhat bewildered, given that the company has not announced any significant news.

Comparisons with AMC and GME

Google Trends also helps monitor how often people search for BBBY compared to AMC and GME. Looked:

BBBY Stock
Google Trends data for the search terms “BBBY stock”, “AMC stock” and “GME stock”.

BBBY stock is now sought after almost as much as GME, with AMC still in the lead.

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