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Product engagement is an unnecessary indicator of success. Follow this instead.

As a product manager in the software space, there’s one buzzword I hear a lot: “engagement”. You’ve probably seen it everywhere too. From social media companies pulling the strings of your dopamine fix to notifications that pull you into an app you’ve already verified six times today, commitment is a concept that many products use […]

Metric system

Seafood Metric System Helps Retailers Increase Transparency

HONOLULU – The sustainable fishery seafood metric system Partnership Iis now available as an open access subscription service to any retailer, restaurant operator or supply chain company. Seafood Metrics is a unique global system for tracking, monitoring and evaluating the performance of seafood supply. This expansion comes in response to growing demand from seafood companies […]

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An ESG metric is missing: R for resilience

• In an increasingly disrupted world, ESG investors must also be able to assess resilience. • Fragmented frameworks for measuring resilience are beginning to emerge. • Resilience expertise should be established at the level of the boardroom and industry oversight. By bringing together the world’s top leaders for the Earth Day Climate Summit last month, […]