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1.28L metric tons of paddy purchased from Madurai DPCs – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

MADURAI: The Civil Supply Department has concluded the supply of samba season paddy in Madurai, and up to 1.28 lakh metric tons of harvested paddy have been procured after cultivation in 41,498 hectares of area in the district .

“A total of 150 Direct Supply Centers (DPCs) have been opened in the district, especially for samba paddy supply. Seasonal rainfall has been a major impediment for the Civil Supply Department in implementing of the process,” a senior department official said. About 7,000 to 8,000 metric tons of paddy have already been sent for the direct hulling process this samba season.

Meanwhile, farmers across the district have requested the state government to take action to open DPCs for purchasing kodai (summer) season paddy as well.

“Given the available irrigation routes, more farmers started cultivating during the kodai season this year. Thus, the DPCs should also be open for this season’s harvest. to rain,” said Raman, a farmer and an official of the Mullai Periyar Farmers Association.