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Starmer overtakes Johnson in “who would make the best prime minister?” »Metric for the first time

33% of the public say Keir Starmer would make the best prime minister, compared to 31% who say the same for Boris Johnson.

Labor leader Keir Starmer overtook Prime Minister Boris Johnson in ‘who would make the best prime minister? Metric for the first time, according to the latest data from Savanta ComRes’ policy tracker.

The tracker, running since May 2020, shows 33% of the public saying Keir Starmer would make the best PM, compared to 31% who say the same for Boris Johnson. The proportion saying Boris Johnson would make the best prime minister has fallen 8 points over the past month and 17 points from his best score in May 2021.

It comes after corruption and Conservative sleaze scandals as well as allegations that Downing Street staff and the Prime Minister himself violated Covid restrictions last year.

Starmer’s 33% score is a 3-point increase from last month and is his second-highest score on record in best MP measurement, behind the 35% he received in September 2020.

The Savanta ComRes poll also reveals that at -27, Boris Johnson’s and government net preference is at its lowest level, losing 13 pts and 11 pts respectively since the last political monitoring poll in November.

Commenting on the results, Chris Hopkins, director of policy research at Savanta ComRes, said: “The winter of discontent continues for Boris Johnson and the Tories. I make it the 19th consecutive poll for Labor among all pollsters, and we haven’t seen this number of consistent polls in years – even when Labor was consistently leading in mid-2019 , there was always an odd-sounding peg to break things up a bit.

“However, aside from the intention to vote, analysts are still looking at other measures to give a more nuanced assessment of how the country can vote, and the fact that Boris Johnson has for the first time stepped down from his role. better prime minister in our tracker probably says more than consecutive labor advances.

“But the fact remains that Conservative voters are not going straight to Labor, and the opposition still needs to do a lot more to convince voters that they have a credible alternative to the Johnson administration. And while Johnson’s position in his own party looks increasingly fragile, a new Tory leader could be a nightmare for Labor, leaving them to walk a strange tightrope where helping Johnson stay afloat could increase their electoral prospects long-term.

“If the long game of Starmer is waiting for the right time to really bend the knife in government, maybe leaving it a little longer is a better game than many believe.”

Basit Mahmood is Editor-in-Chief of Left Foot Forward

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