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42L metric ton paddy bought this season by Telangana | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: During the current season, the Telangana Civilian Supplies Department purchased 42 lakh metric tonnes of paddy from farmers across the state on Sunday. Civilian Supply Minister Gangula Kamalakar discussed the status of paddy purchases with officials on Monday.
Kamalakar said 42 lakh metric tonnes of paddy worth Rs 8,268 crore were purchased. Of the 4.5 lakh farmers listed on the online purchasing management system, about 3.75 lakh farmers received payments (OPMS).
He said there would be no shortage of funds for the purchase of paddy in the state and that the paddy would be raised regardless of the state’s situation. The current supply is 11 metric lakh tonnes higher than the previous year’s supply at the same period.
According to the minister, the procurement in progress was carried out in 1,280 centers in 13 districts. So far, 6,775 centers have been established in the state.
The Minister went on to say that all Food Corporation of India (FCI) concessions were full and the Center Wing is now refusing to lease concessions, causing crop storage problems. He also said that despite numerous complaints from the state government about it, there had been no response from the Center or the FCI.
He added that there was a problem with rice storage because the districts (FCI) of Suryapet, Siddipet, Sangareddy, Medak, Mahabubnagar and Nirmal districts were not vacant.
The state administration predicts that overall paddy production will be around 60 metric lakh tonnes this season. The minister also expressed his anger that FCI was not sending the racks on time, causing further delays in the supply. Officials say all paddy this season will be lifted.